AWHC Releases Statement in Response to Cruel and Inhumane Proposal

Plan is dangerous and deadly to wild horses and costly to American taxpayers

Reno, NV. (30 May 2019) -- This week policymakers, land management specialists, horse advocates, and others gathered for the Wild Horse Summit in Reno, Nevada. The conference, known by many as the ‘Slaughter Summit’ is advancing a request backed by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association which spends millions on outdated, ineffective, and massive roundups and removals of American wild horses.

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director of the American Wild Horse Campaign released the following statement in response to the so-called compromise currently under consideration by Congress:

“As the nation’s largest wild horse organization, with the largest humane management program for wild horses right here in the Reno area, we strongly oppose the current plan for wild horse management being touted at the Wild Horse Summit taking place this week in Reno. The plan would result in the mass roundup and removal of 130,000 wild horses from public lands (more than exist today) over ten years at a cost of $130,000), and would allow for inhumane, painful, and dangerous surgical sterilization methods,” said Suzanne Roy. “That’s why the 56 animal welfare and horse protection groups have joined us and signed a letter opposing this ill-conceived plan.” 

The letter, signed by more than 50 animal rights activists, can be found here.