Suzanne Roy, Executive Director

Suzanne Roy

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director, is 25-year animal welfare professional. During her career, she worked to improve the plight of elephants, chimpanzees, marine mammals, and other animals both in captivity and in the wild.

In the 1990s, she launched the fight to save America’s Air Force Chimpanzees, an effort that ultimately led to the retirement of these deserving animals to a Florida sanctuary. An avid horse lover and mother of a horse-crazy daughter, she turned her attention to the fight to save America’s wild horses and burros in 2009.

Prior to entering the animal welfare field, Roy was a political consultant, working on a variety of campaigns from the local state senate to congressional to presidential election bids. She currently resides in Davis, CA with her family, including an amazing horse named Cobalt.

Grace Kuhn, Communications Director

GraceGrace Kuhn, Communications Director, attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia with studies concentrated in Arts & Humanities.

She has worked with AWHC since 2012 and is responsible for running our awareness campaigns and bringing you the latest information surrounding wild horses and burros. In addition to her passion for the protection of these animals, she lends her time to other animal, environmental and social justice issues.

She currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband and rescued pit bulls Bella and Charlie.

Brieanah Schwartz, Government Relations and Policy Counsel

Brieanah SchwartzBrieanah Schwartz, Government Relations and Policy Counsel, received her J.D. from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated with a concentration in Environmental Law.

She is now barred in the District of Columbia. Brieanah is responsible for advancing AWHC’s position before Congress and this administration, for producing comments that AWHC submits, and for assisting the litigation teams on all of AWHC’s active cases.

A long-time lover of wild horses, she self-published a book with her photography and research on the Cumberland Island wild horses while she attended Sweet Briar College in Sweet Briar, Virginia. She currently resides in Washington, D.C. area with her horse, Eire, dogs, Lady and Drover, and kitten, Pippy.

Mary A. Koncel, Program Specialist

Mary KoncelMary Koncel, Program Specialist, received her M.S. in Animals and Public Policy from the Tufts/Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine where she is now the adjunct instructor at the Center for Animals and Public Policy.

A long-time lover of horses, she has written extensively about various equine topics, with a special focus on wild horse adoption. At AWHC, she is responsible for researching, preparing, and presenting reports and other materials that will help facilitate the humane management of wild horses and burros. Mary lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband and a family of dogs, cats, chickens and of course, horses.

Greg Hendricks, Director of Field Operations

Greg HendricksGreg Hendricks, Director of Field Operations received his B.S. degree in Range Management and Wildlife Biology from Washington State University.   Early within his career, he worked for Carson City BLM managing their range improvement budget.  His career expanded to private industry and provided him with extensive project management experience dealing with range improvement construction, drug development safety, and data management.  He is a silent partner in a small animal Veterinary Hospital which is owned and managed by his wife of 34 years, Margie.  As an avid wild horse advocate, he has worked to support the Prison Adoption Program in Carson City from which he has adopted two wonderful mustangs.  He also volunteers as the Wild Horse & Burro advocate representative for the Sierra Front N.W. Great Basin BLM Resource Advisory Council.

Greg’s role within AWHC includes oversight and improvement of the field operations for PZP fertility control projects, wild horse habitat development, and the Wild Horse Friendly Beef program. Greg currently resides in Carson City, Nevada with his wife, four dogs, three cats, two mustangs, and about 20 chickens.

Deborah Walker, Field Representative

Deb WalkerDeb Walker, Field Representative for Nevada, received her B.A. in History and Education from the University of Texas in History and Education, and her M.A. in Educational Leadership and Development from New Mexico State University. Deb spent most of her adult life in the field of education as a teacher. Taking early retirement, Deb moved to Nevada to live in an area where wild horses roamed. It was during this time she learned of the plight of mustangs and became heavily involved with a local group to implement a pilot program of fertility control to prevent removal.

Deb works closely with the Director of Field Operations in overseeing AWHC's fertility control programs, manage AWHC's Nevada social media and works in the field assisting darting teams as a spotter.  She lives in the Carson Valley with her husband, 2 horses, 3 chickens, a cat, and 2 dogs.

Steve Paige, Field Representative

Steve PaigeSteve Paige, Field Representative, grew up riding and has kept horses for most of his life. He is an ardent animal advocate and has volunteered and worked at several sanctuaries including Return to Freedom, Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, The Wildlife Waystation and The Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai, in Thailand.

He provides on the range support and has relentlessly documented and exposed many BLM helicopter roundups. Steve is an integral part of our in-the-wild management programs, as a certified darter and documenter.

He lives in Reno, Nevada close to the Virginia Range wild horse population.

Michael Alfuso, Documentary Filmmaker

Michael AlfusoMichael Alfuso, Documentary Filmmaker, has a love for the outdoors and a passion for working in “hard-to-get” places. His work covers everything from environmental conservation, to animal rights, to action sports, so long as there’s a story to be told.

Since joining AWHC in 2018, Michael has provided daily video updates at the many BLM helicopter roundups, created educational videos to keep the public informed on current affairs, and helped tell stories of the important work being done to facilitate the humane management of wild horses and burros.

He lives in the Bay Area in Northern California and is also the co-founder of Outpost Digital Cinema, an outdoors and documentary production company.

Terri Ducay, Development Director

Terri DucayTerri Ducay, Director of Development, is an advocate for environmental protection and humane treatment of animals. Most recently, she spent two years in Thailand, where she cared for a herd of 14 Asian elephants.

In her 'former life' she was a Software Design Director for companies including Apple, Intuit, and Electronic Arts. Terri is especially passionate about teaching young people the importance of protecting the world's environment and its flora and fauna.  

Terri has an MFA in Design and has lived in Europe and Southeast Asia. Terri uses her photography to tell stories, and her work has been shown in National Geographic and the New York Times. In her spare time, she loves hiking with her two rescue dogs, Tigger and Einstein, when she is not spending time with horses.

Amelia Perrin, Administrative and Communications Associate

AMELIA PAmelia Perrin, Administrative and Communications Associate, has been an avid horse lover since she was 5 years old. As she grew up, her love for the equestrian sport blossomed. She started competing in the hunter-jumper world. She later took the skills learned from riding and gentled two baby mustangs from the Cedar Mountains HMA!

She now lives in Davis, CA with her horse. Amelia started working for AWHC in 2018. She helps the Executive Director in the daily administrative duties, as well as helping with social media as needed.



Ocean Hak-Kuhn, Administrative Assistant

oCEANOcean Hak-Kuhn, Administrative Assistant, joined AWHC in 2016 to provide much needed administrative and clerical support to our team.

In addition to being part of AWHC, Ocean provides online support for a start-up helping new moms have an easier transition into motherhood. Ocean lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.